Here are 5 diet foods that can make you slimmer

Food for the right diet is food that contains adequate nutrition and is healthy for consumption. With food for the right diet it will be able to help you to get a slim body shape and reduced weight. Foods that contain enough calories are foods for the diet that the body needs.

This is because with these calorie foods, you will have energy which is the result of burning calories in the body during activities such as exercise and your daily routine. If you want your diet to be successful and eventually your body becomes slim, then you should run a balanced diet with a routine, because by doing a balanced diet regularly will result in reduced amount of fat in your body that usually accumulates in your stomach, upper arms , thighs and legs of your legs.

1. Citrus fruits

Citrus fruit has a role in losing your weight, why? This is because oranges contain vitamin C. This vitamin in addition to maintaining healthy skin, can also burn fat in your body, so by burning fat in the body it will help in slimming the body.
But don’t consume excessive oranges, because this fruit also has sugar content. So, if oranges are consumed in excess can lead to diabetes. So consume wisely don’t overdo it. You can consume citrus fruits by making juz or eating the fruit directly

2. Tomatoes

Tomato fruit besides containing lycopene which is a natural chemical compound that functions in preventing various diseases, tomatoes also contain few calories and contain large amounts of fiber.
Tomatoes play a role in slimming down the human body, because it can help maintain a balanced body weight and eventually you will have an ideal body and make others who see you stunned

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a Cereal that is suitable for you to make breakfast, by doing breakfast with oatmeal, your stomach will feel full longer.
Oatmeal deserves to be a menu for a balanced diet because oatmeal is made from wheat, and wheat is believed to contain fiber which can cause a full stomach, so as to reduce your desire to eat large amounts of nature.

4. Various types of spices

Spices in addition to functioning as a spice in recipes, it turns out spices also have a part in slimming the body. Some herbs that can help you in your diet include mustard seeds, ginger, ginseng, black pepper and turmeric.
Mustard seeds are believed to contribute to the smooth metabolism of the body, ginger is believed to function in smoothing the digestive system, ginseng is believed to provide additional energy, while pepper and turmeric are believed to play a role in burning calories and fighting bad fats if assisted by exercise.

5. Apples

Apples are very good fruit to be one of the foods for the diet, this is because the apples contain only a few calories, low fat and sodium, besides that apples also contain good food fiber content and you do not need to feel worried about the threat Diabetes because of the sweet taste in apples will not lead to diabetes risk.